Spreading some textile love

  Workshops with lovers of art and craft are a great way to share some textile love and consciousness! Did a Tie&Dye and Shibori workshop in Alwar, Rajasthan last weekend, in a beautiful space called ‘The Old house’- a cosy bungalow open for social and cultural interactions. Here are some exciting results and happy participants!…

Capacity building through Craft

In the months of August and September in 2015, I conducted a training session with Samvedana. This was a capacity building workshop with under-resourced women, to create income-generating opportunities using textiles.   The existing skill set was basic hand and machine stitching. The middle aged women stitched ‘Godris’or quilts with old fabric/clothes. Some women knkew basic…

The old Indian game of ‘Chopar’, all jazzed up

  A Contemporary version of  the traditional Indian game of ‘Chopar’, made with raw silk and mushroo fabric. As the game originates from the Rajasthan region of India, a famous textile technique of ‘gota-patti’ work was sued to embellish it with some chain stitch embroidery, all made by hand. This foldable game was made as…

Block making and printing

  Block printing is another anciet craft of India, practised largely in Rajashthan and Gujarat. Intricate patterns are chiseled onto wooden blocks and stamped onto fabric using either natural or chemical pigment to ge a print in the desired colour. A pigment localy called ‘khadi’ is used to get an embossed or raised effect. These…

Shibori at Samvedana

I did a month long training program with an NGO for the under-resourced in September 2015. One of the successful modules of the program  was shibori which the young girls love and over time have become experts at. Some of the products created as a result of the program are shown below.

Mata ni Pachedi, hand painted with natural dyes

‘Mata ni Pachedi’ or ‘Behind the Mother Goddess” are hand painted mystical stories of the mother Goddess and her different forms. This art form is more than 300 years old and was originally painted on Temple walls. However, the lower caste was not allowed inside the temples and thus started making their own versions of…

Christmas spirit in Indian natural earth pigments

This is a hand painted Christmas tree, painted with natural pigments by the Mata ni Pachedi craftsmen: Kirit and Usha Chitara. Please refer to the next post for more info on this Kalamkari technique of Gujarat.        

Protection of the Indian handloomed

  Many of us signed the petition to stop the Govt. from repealing the Handloom  Reservation act. With regard to the same, posting this response I wrote in 2010, to how important it is to protect the authenticity of the Indian Handwoven Fabric. Please click on the link to read the same: authentic craft  

Textile textures & Artworks

  Artworks and techniques for interior spaces. Machine stitched lines   Ari work on a khaat with resham yarn.   Hand and machine stitching, chord work, folding. Fabric manipulation: Folding, applique, handstiching, tone on tone Stichmachine Quilting Pitta work

By the river Rehwa in Maheshwar

A photo account of Cotton Silk experiments and sampling in a historical temple setting by the river Rehwa. In a small temple town of Madhya Pradesh, the Holkar family utilises the beautiful premises around the Ahilya Temple to employ and nurture the traditional talent of weaving maheshwari saris and fabrics. Most importantly they employ hundreds…