Capacity building through Craft

In the months of August and September in 2015, I conducted a training session with Samvedana. This was a capacity building workshop with under-resourced women, to create income-generating opportunities using textiles.


The existing skill set was basic hand and machine stitching. The middle aged women stitched ‘Godris’or quilts with old fabric/clothes. Some women knkew basic embroidery and applique.  The group was divided into hand stitchers, machine stitchers and the shibori group. They worked in the same space but the aim was also to create a sense of ‘division of responsibility’ with an understanding of the end product.

The products created were

+khadi and hand-stitched and quilted Yoga mats ( A contemporary textile product that used their skill, was cost and time effective and a design intervetion from my end)


+Bags out of Denim

Denim 3denim bag2IMG_9110IMG_9226

+ Shibori


Besides  the importance of creating well finished products, exposing the group to their market was important. it was also important to bring about slef-dependency and a sense of enterprise in the group to kick start a more sustainable system.


This was an exptremely important deisgn and community intervention for me and I like to start with  the aim that the group can sustain itself and the system even without me. This was a kickstart for them and in the last few months they have only expanded and become better.





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