Block making and printing


Block printing is another anciet craft of India, practised largely in Rajashthan and Gujarat. Intricate patterns are chiseled onto wooden blocks and stamped onto fabric using either natural or chemical pigment to ge a print in the desired colour.

A pigment localy called ‘khadi’ is used to get an embossed or raised effect.

These are some of the many blocks customised for clients. Certain technical aspects that one should keep in mind while designing blocks is smaller solid spaces for air to pass through so that bubbles are not formed. Motif based or intricate repeat designs are possible.

A beautiful block printing technique called Ajrakh, using natural dyes is practised in Kutch region. A famous style from Rajasthan is sanganeri with floral prints.


These prints are used for Sheer blinds and curtains,on Chanderi (Cotton+ silk) and semi sheer linen.

IMG_1872IMG_1908IMG_1918IMG_6493Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 3.10.28 PM12311114_10153724511798446_3153338304867050832_nIMG_274012341104_10153724515188446_7932865834293124446_n

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