The ‘Zen Lily’ bag

MOODBOARDING>ITERATIONS>SAMPLING>TESTING>PRODUCTION>MARKETING: To see a product through its journey is an amazing feeling. Even better is to see it on an unknown person on the street.

These are snippets of one of the 10 bags I designed with Norquest Bags for their local brand

The bags are Silk Screen printed by hand.This technique is as ancient as 1000AD, and is said to have originated in China and was widely used for paper and textile printing. Over the ages mechanical screen printing came about and of course, the digital age took over in the recent past.

However, screen printing by hand is still preferred for blocked colour printing, where the image does not use too many colours/mix of colours.

A mesh is used to transfer the pigment or ink onto the surface, the negative part (that does not need to be printed) is blocked and the pigment becomes impermeable. A Squeegee is moved across this screen to spread the pigment and it permeates through the open parts. This process is repeated for each colour in the image.

It is important that we recognise the meticulous processes involved, they are mindblowing to watch. The pre-processes of the screens used in this bag are shown below.


Please see the next post for the flower themed designs made for Norquest bags. This process was followed for each of them.


IMG_4685ArtworkWHOLE FILEColour3Flowers 4 white and blue spot AG bag.Microsoft Word - Zen lily.docx

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