Little’s lost, little’s added

This post is  from 3 years ago, and the reason I made this blog.

This is my Diploma Project Blog, you can find me here in the months of July August September and October 2012 :). You might come across findings, research, people, photographs, fleeting thoughts, and very soon some beautiful woven pieces.

I am working on designing hand-woven fabrics inspired by the idea of ‘restoration’. The inspiration has emerged from a recent interest to collect artifacts from family across the country. So far i have successfully bagged stories of migrating and weddings from the grand mothers, photographs that leave me stunned and sari treasures! For this project I am looking at bringing out the visual essence of the ‘restored’, making it the ‘look and feel’ of the collection.

My project involves designing is for a sustainable contemporary fashion brand.

Restoring is the process of repairing or renovating, or reinstatement of a previous practice or custom. It addresses both ‘the tangible’ and the ‘intangible’, one could restore artifacts like buildings, vintage items, photographs, posters, books etc or even memories, health, thoughts etc. One restores in order to preserve the value attached, the value could be emotional, monetory, social, historical etc. Restoration as we know, is mainly a result of degeneration in the past. Thus a whole process – of deterioration followed by reconditioning and even renovation to an extent takes place. The past thus
gets connected to the present and the future creating a sense if continuity. These processes will become integral visual references for my collection.

The concept of restoration, also justifies the larger concern of the label that I am designing for, which is to preserve the hand-weaving technique in India and use it in Contemporary fashion. Restoration or even contemporizing the craft, is similar to translations, where a little is lost, a little is removed and a little added. This process will also form the core of the look and feel of the collection.

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